Expand the sport of western style equine skijoring in North America while keeping athletes, horses and spectators safe and by creating a marketing engine for regional and national corporations with products that appeal to people that love the outdoors, extreme sports, great competition, skiing, horses, cowboys and beautiful mountain towns.


1. Attract and retain loyal national and regional sponsors.

2. Build awareness, excitement and participation in equine skijoring by creating a series of competitive races to be held annually and leveraged through media. 

3. Support event promoters that are members of Skijor America with marketing materials to promote their events. 

4. Ensure consistency and safety precaution for the athletes, horses and attendees, while encouraging event promoters to build a unique event that fits their town and personality.

5. Support monetarily or lend in-kind support to organizations within the skijoring community that embrace horses, skiing and the outdoors.