Advantages of SKI JORING AMERICA Memberships

Race Venue Membership

SKI JORING AMERICA is an organization that exists for the integrity of the races, the safety of the athletes, and the growth of the sport of equine ski joring.  By enrolling your ski joring event as a SKI JORING AMERICA member race, your race will be provided:


1.    SKI JORING AMERICA is an established non-profit organization for the purpose of assuring a "safe" and "competitively fair" arena for the North America ski joring community.

a.    Established Rules: as a standard of conduct, to help race organizers develop their rules for their own unique race.

b.    Established Methods: to help race organizers build safe courses and develop standardized and proven methods in ski joring race management.

c.     Established Procedures and Protocols: providing a spectator safety plan, horse evacuation plan, and competitor safety plan to reduce organizer and municipal liability.


1.    SKI JORING AMERICA members can guide race organizers on any phase or manner the race organizer chooses to achieve a well-run ski joring event.

a.    Race Management: for sign-ups, run orders, timing, posting times, announcer dialog, sponsors, advertising, non-profit charities, awards, and payouts.

b.    Course logistics: timing equipment, spectator fencing, horse barriers, starting gate, jumps, gates, rings, horse run out and blockers, etc.

2.    SKI JORING AMERICA membership provides access to shared equipment if available.


  1. In order to set the most intelligent schedule and allow for maximum competitor involvement, the SKI JORING AMERICA Circuit is broken down into North & South Regional races. 
  2. Returning SKI JORING AMERICA Race Members have seniority on dates.
  3. No SKI JORING AMERICA race will be scheduled, within 250 miles, on the same date as another SKI JORING AMERICA Member race.
  4. SKI JORING AMERICA will reach out to all returning Race Members for a verbal commitment for 2017 Race Membership prior to June 30, 2016
  5. Beginning July 1, 2016 the SKI JORING AMERICA schedule will be open to new Race Members.


1.    SKI JORING AMERICA is intent on offering a group race liability policy set up just for race venues; subject to attainability and other insurance limitations.

a.    Additional insured capability for organizers, sponsors, and property owners.

b.    Lower Premiums: projected to be half of what an individual policy costs. Once we have the number of races to be insured, premium rates will be known.

2.  SKI JORING AMERICA in intent on offering accidental insurance for each ski joring season to all human competitor members.  SKI JORING AMERICA will coordinate and research insurance companies to offer all member races an accidental insurance policy to cover any human competitor comparable to the 2016 competitor insurance, though subject to insurance company changes.

-       19 Years old +

-       $40 (early) $55 (Late) for annual competitor membership

-       $20 for weekend coverage at a member race.

-       $500 deductible, up to $10,000 Maximum benefits.


1.    SKI JORING AMERICA will work with the race coordinator to have a person(s) present to assist the race organizers and ensure the courses and competitors safety.

2.    SKI JORING AMERICA will provide training and support for Ambassadors to assist at every sponsored race to help race organizers uphold competitive and safety standards.

3.    To keep membership costs down, we request that Race Venues provide assistance with housing for up to 2 Ambassadors if possible.

4.    The Ambassador(s) may be asked to be the arena judge.

5.    The Ambassador(s) is there to help the organizers and competitors in any way possible to help make the event run smooth, safe, and competitively fair.

Promotion, Sponsorship and Fundraising of Member Events

1.    SKI JORING AMERICA is an association that will promote your race to the entire equine-skijor community, while educating the general public on this exciting sport.

a.    To help spread the word and boost attendance by competitors and spectators, SKI JORING AMERICA will promote member races via SKI JORING AMERICA website (,, Facebook, Instagram (@SkijoringAmerica), and Twitter (@skijoringusa) accounts.

  b.    SKI JORING AMERICA will actively provide updates for all social media platforms during races as time permits.

  c.     In an effort to help increase local sponsorship dollars for your race, the SKI JORING AMERICA website will be set up to include a unique page for your event and your top tier sponsors.

2.    SKI JORING AMERICA seeks to promote the sport of western equine skijoring with the annual SKI JORING AMERICA’s Points series.  Awards will be given in open and sport divisions to the top member competitor within each defined region (North & South)


1.    SKI JORING AMERICA will provide centralized media support to all member races, by making sure race venues, results, and rankings are readily accessible on the SKI JORING AMERICA website (

2.     SKI JORING AMERICA will support the creation of new race venues interested in joining their race as a member race venue.


Competitor Membership

SKI JORING AMERICA is an organization that exists for the integrity of the races, the safety of the athletes and the growth of the sport of equine ski joring.  By joining SKI JORING AMERICA as a competitor you will help ensure:

1.    Competitors are assured the venue of competition will be equally competitive.

2.    Safeguards are in place for the riders, skiers, and equestrian stock.

3.    Race venues that are members of SKI JORING AMERICA allows competitors to acquire points for the SKI JORING AMERICA’s Pint Series which applies to the Open Division and the Sport Division at this time.

4.    A Championship jacket, belt buckle, and additional prizes will be awarded to the North American Champion in the Open Division and the Sport Division.  

5.    All SKI JORING AMERICA venues, race results and SKI JORING AMERICA Competitor rankings are readily accessible on the SKI JORING AMERICA website (