of Skijoring America

Approved by the SA Board on 11/30/2105

Article I - Purpose


Skijoring America is a governing organization within LM Holding Corporation, a 501c3 incorporated in August 2015 under the Colorado Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act.



Expand the sport of Western Style Equine Skijoring in North America while keeping athletes, horses and spectators safe and by creating a marketing engine for regional and national corporations with products that appeal to people that love the outdoors, extreme sports, great competition, skiing, horses, cowboys and beautiful mountain towns.



  1. Ensure consistency and safety precaution for the athletes, horses and attendees, while encouraging event promoters to build a unique event that fits their town and personality.

  2. Build awareness, excitement and participation in equine skijoring by creating a series of competitive races to be held annually and leveraged through media.  

  3. Support event promoters that are members of Skijoring America with marketing materials to promote their events.

  4. Attract and retain loyal national and regional sponsors.

  5. Support monetarily or through in-kind support to organizations within the skijoring community that embrace horses, skiing and the outdoors.

Article II – Organization

No part of the organization’s net earnings will inure to the benefit of, or be distributable to its members, trustees, officers, directors and family members thereof or other private persons, except that the corporation shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the purposes set forth in Articles hereof. The organization will not attempt to influence legislation or participate to any extent in a political campaign for or against any candidate for public office.

Article III – Membership

Qualifications.  Any person or organization can become a member of the Skijoring America and will be treated as equally as a member that has participated as a competitor or functioned in any form of administrative or event associated role.  Membership guidelines may be established as the Board of Directors may decide.  Such membership structure must be approved by a majority of the Board of Directors.

Dues.  The Board of Directors will establish dues at such time as membership guidelines are set.  Membership Dues will be used to cover the cost of incurred by this organization in its efforts to meet the stated goals and objectives.

Article IV – Fiscal Year

The Fiscal Year of the Association shall begin on the 1st day of July and end on the 30th day of June.

Article V - Meetings

Bi-Annual Meetings.  There shall be a bi-annual meeting of the Board of Directors and open to all members in April and October for receiving annual reports of the officers, directors and committees, elections of the Board Members and the transactions of other business.  The location and time will of each meeting will be determined during the previous meeting and posted in the minutes and on the appropriate website.

Special Meetings.  Special meetings may be called by the Executive Board of Directors or a majority of the Board of Directors containing a minimum of 5 directors.  These meetings may be held via webinars or conference calls.

Quorum.  A majority is two-thirds of the elected board.  A quorum will constitute two-thirds of the stated board.

Voting. Each member of the board is entitled to one vote.  A vote will be passed by the majority of the seated board.    Only one motion at a time will be considered.  It will not be an official motion up for discussion until it received an official second.  At the time of an official second, the motion will be up for discussion. The board president and secretary will collect the votes and record in the meeting minutes. A non-vote by a member will be considered an abstinence. Once the motion has been passed or failed the table will be open for other motions.

Voting may be conducted via email.  Email motions will only pertain to issues that cannot wait until a regular board meeting.  After a vote is called for by the president each board member will have 4 days to vote. After that the votes will be posted and reviewed in the next board meeting.

Proxy.  A hand signed written proxy or emailed proxy may be presented in the absence of a board member at any regular meeting of the Board of Directors.

Order of Business.  The meeting agenda will be set by the president.  The board meetings will be run following Robert’s Rules of Order.


Article VI - Directors


Role.  The property, affairs, activities and concerns of Skijor America shall be vested in a Board of Directors; each Board member shall:

  • Represents Skijoring America consistent to the Mission/Goals of the Organization

  • Promotes the sport of equestrian Skijoring in a holistic and all-encompassing manner

  • Recruit Members and focus on positive growth

Number. The Board shall be represented by not less than 5 directors and no more than 11 directors as determined by the Board of Directors and from time-to-time by amending the By-laws of the Corporation; provided that no decrease in the number of directors shall have the effect of shortening the term of any incumbent director.    


Election and Terms.  At the annual meeting there will be an election for Directors of the Association, in the Spring, all of whom shall be elected for 2 years, except for the first election of the association.  The first election 5 will be elected for 2 years and 4 will be elected for 3 year teams.  This will be determined by drawing numbers at the Spring annual meeting.    Directors may be re-elected after the expiration of his or her initial term for a maximum of 3 consecutive terms.  After three terms the director shall rotate off the board for one year.  Should the completion of the third 2-year term happen after the first year of a two-year term as an executive officer you may complete the two years as an executive officer before rotating off the board.  


  • Directors shall be elected by a majority of the directors then in office.

  • Best efforts shall  be made to include a mix of event promoters, athletes, race locations, fundraising knowledge, non-profit knowledge, business knowledge, etc.

  • Board membership is a non-paid position.


The members of the Board shall upon election immediately after the fiscal year begins, enter upon the performance of their duties and shall continue in office until their successors shall be duly elected and qualified.


Qualifications.  Board of Directors must meet the same qualifications as required by members.  Candidates for directors will fill out an application and be interviewed by the board for consideration.  To qualify for an elected officer’s position the candidate must have been an active board member for a minimum of 2 years.


Duties.  Duties of the Board of Directors may include:

  • Establishing Association policies on all issues.

  • Holding meetings at such times and place it determines

  • Appointing  and overseeing committees on particular subjects as defined by  the Board of Directors.

  • Ensuring the coordination, planning and execution of Skijoring America activities

  • Auditing all records and approval of the dispersal of Skijoring America funds.

  • Approval of all promotions of Skijoring America, whether printed, TV and radio and all other media communication with other association and employed agents.

  • Devise and carry out such measures proper to expedite and execute objectives of the association.


Meetings of the Board.  Regular teleconference/video meetings outside of the bi-annual meetings, shall be held at the time and place determined by the Board of Directors and called under the same procedures as set forth in membership meetings.


Absence.  Should any member of the Board of Directors miss 2 consecutive meetings of the Board without sending a communication to the President or Secretary stating their reason for so doing or if their excuse should not be accepted by the members of the Board, his or her seat on the Board may be declared vacant and the Board of Directors may proceed to fill the vacancy.


Vacancies. Whenever any vacancy may occur regardless of the reason it shall be filled without undue delay by a majority vote of the remaining Board of Directors following the same procedures as set forth above.


Removal of Directors.  Anyone or more of the Directors may be removed either with or without cause at any time by a vote of two thirds of the Directors at any special meeting called for that purpose.

Article VII - Officers


Number.  Officers constitute the Executive Board of Directors of the association and shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Election.  Board of Directors officers shall be elected for two years. Officers and directors are not restricted on number of terms on the board of directors. Exceptions in Article VI.  Initial Officers will be elected at the first annual board meeting.

Duties of Officers.   The duties and powers of officers are as follows:

President. The President shall preside at the meetings of the Board of Directors and General Membership and will have the right to vote on all committees except the nominating committee.  The President shall at any meeting communicate to the Board of Directors such matters and make such suggestions in his/her opinion that may promote the prosperity, welfare and efficiency of the Association and shall perform any other incidental duties to the office of President.  The President does not have a vote except in the event of a tie at Board meetings.  The President shall do their best to promote and facilitate the interests of the Association.

Vice President.   In case of inability to act, or absence of the President, the Vice President shall perform the duties of his office and when so acting shall have all the powers and be subject to all the restrictions upon the president. The Vice President shall be the committee chair responsible for the governing of the by-laws. The Vice President shall do their best to promote and facilitate the interests of the Association.

Secretary.   It shall be the duty of the Secretary to attend and give notice of all meetings and committees and keep written records of their doings.  The Secretary shall conduct all correspondence and execute all votes ordered and resolutions of the Board of Directors unless otherwise specified.  The Secretary shall be the keeper of all Skijor America charter documents and records.  The Secretary shall do their best to promote and facilitate the interests of the Association.

Treasurer.  Treasurer shall keep and account of all monies received and expended for the Association.  He/she shall make disbursements only with approval of the Board of Directors and upon receiving a valid voucher or receipt.  He or she shall make all deposits in a bank of Financial Institution approved by the Board of Directors.  The funds, ledgers, and receipts of the Association shall be in the Treasurer’s control and subject to inspection by the Board of Directors at their request.  The Treasurer shall turn over all records and funds of the Association at the end of their term.  The Treasurer shall do their best to promote and facilitate the interests of the Association.

Article VIII - Funding



The Board will be funded a variety of ways:

  • Annual membership dues collected from participating skijoring events, competitors and spectators that register with Skijoring America and agree to follow and respected all Skijoring America Membership Rules and Guidelines.

  • Sponsorship income raised by Skijoring America Board in its efforts to promote and grow the sport.  

  • Donations and possible fund raising events.