Over the past 2 months we have actively engaged in launching Skijor America(SA) with the focus on race infrastructure.  In that effort, we have underplayed the bigger value Skijor America will provide the racing community as whole - Exposure through Media and Marketing!  We are penning this letter to share with everyone in the skijor community, race organizers, promoters and athletes alike as to what we are about and will continue to be about.  

Promoting Skijoring and your specific race event

  • On TV into 5 million Households  - We are leveraging the opportunity provided by FASTFORWARD Media’s offer to promote 2016 Skijoring Events during Ice Cowboys Airing on Altitude Sports.  Each 30-second ad is valued at $250. See IceCowboys.tv for info on air dates & Altitude demos, specs, and numbers.

  • FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM - We have everything set to promote the hairy heck out of each member race event, using awesome video footage captured last year.  We have started this effort to build a strong following, so that we have an audience in place to promote your event to.

    • The first 2016 Promo Video posted Dec. 14, 2015, as has reached over 1.5 million people via organic posts and 12. 571 shares.  It has been viewed over 573K times and has increased our page Likes to over 2K likes.   

    • On average our weekly posts are reaching over 100K people active on facebook.

  • EVENT Coverage - We plan to attend member race events, capture photos, tweet and instagram during the events to garner even more attention.

  • WEBSITE - We have created a website to promote western style skijoring.  All our social media is being pushed to this site, we will be posting race results, competitor profiles and race event info.  We have acquired a major brand's sponsorship interested in leveraging a Skijor America event as part of launching a new energy product.

Race Marketing & Advertising Activities

All skijoring races that we are aware, whether members or not, are listed on the SkijorAmerica.com and will recieve minimal social media support.   SA Member Races receive additional support as follows:

  • Extra social media push on all SA social media platforms, as well as website recognition.  

  • Extra push of additional press releases to multiple media outlets in your region and for the sport.

  • Production of a :30 commercial that includes the logos of your top 3 Local Sponsors.  

  • Run a minimum of 4 weeks before your race during the program “Ice Cowboys” on Altitude TV.

  • Actively pushed out through all our Social Media outlets.

  • Provided to race promoter to use in promoting your event via local outlets and sponsor web pages, etc.

Engaging the crowds  -  Year 1, we are providing a commercial grade traveling scoreboard that is easy to read and will help draw anticipation to each run.  The scoreboard is provided at no cost and will be run by a SA volunteer.

Creating a safe race for contestants and spectators - To grow this sport we need more competitors at all levels.  We are doing everything within our power to provide insurance for the competitors.  In is important to competitors that races are consistent and safe so they have a solid understanding of their chances to win the larger prize.

Building a foundation which fosters growth, consistency and reliability - Skijor America is currently developing a myriad of documents and organization tools as well as how to videos that will be made available to member races to assist in workflow & marketing.

New Races - New races are required to build a larger and stronger community, Skijor America is here to offer assistance in the development of new races.  

Insurance - Skijor America is actively search for insurance to cover both competitors & events.  We have secured accidental insurance for human competitor members 18+ that will apply to ever race in the 2016 season.

Member Race Guidelines

We recognize that many established races have been putting on races for years and very successful races at that!.  We do not seek to tell you how to run your race.  Skijor America Race Rules are recommended guidelines, based on input from past races.   These Guidelines are available to both members and non-member races, as our goals is to  help grow this sport responsibility and safely.    

As a  SA Race Member, we would like to be in communication with you regarding your races rules and infrastructure to ensure we are all on the same page and the guidelines  we maintain are useful for both both seasoned and new race promoters.  If as a SA Race Member  you see a discrepancy in the guidelines with your race plans, let us know so we can adjust/improve the SA Guidelines.  This helps the community as a whole.

All SA Race Members will be supplied with a Technical Delegate to support your effort in running a safe and fair race for the competitors and spectators.  SA is there to further your efforts and learn, not monitor your race.  SA will continue to develop the definition of this position with input from member races.  

Fundraising & Sponsorships

Job one of Skijor America is fundraising through grants and National sponsorships.  

  • Grants, if attained will be distributed per the grant requirements.  

  • Sponsorship funds secured through SA, will be split between the SA organization and its Race Members; 60% to SA and 40% equally divided amongst Race Members in good standing.  Sponsorship funds will be calculated at the end of the season, by March 31st with distribution to SA Member Races by January 15th of the following year.  These funds are be used solely for race prize pots.  The funds going to SA will be used to run the organization, with the intent of hiring an executive director for fundraising, marketing and promoting.

For example, SA raises $50,000 in National sponsorship during the 2017 Season.  $30,000 goes to SA organization and $20,000 is split between Member Races in good standing.  Assuming eight (8) SA Member Races in 2017, all in good standing as of March 31, 2017, each race will receive $2500 on January 1st, 2018 to be used as prize moneys in their 2018 event.  This gives races the flexibility as to how to spend their local sponsor money!

It is important that all SA Member Races support sponsorship requirements at their races.  All requirements will be provided to races prior to their race.  Unless otherwise negotiated with races, Jumps 2 & 3 will be reserved for local sponsors.


Fundraising and Sponsorships are the most important reason why Skijor America has been created.  National Sponsors at the level in which we are seeking must be comfortable that their brand is represented and promoted by professional organizations that deliver on its promise to promote their brand.  In order for Skijor America to deliver on this promise, we must have support and a strong working partnership with a majority of skijoring events in North America.  Hence our efforts this year to:

  1. Define a solid race infrastructure, via guidelines for races and TD support

  2. Promote skijoring in general with an emphasis on Skijor America Member Races

Board Members are actively seeking regional and national sponsors.   We have a much better opportunity of attracting these larger sponsors by providing them with the opportunity to promote their products and services at all or a majority of the skijor race events and therefore ask you to consider becoming an 2016 Skijor America Member Race!