2016 Race Membership Agreement


SKIJOR AMERICA is a non-profit organization in support of expanding the sport of western equine skijoring in North America while keeping athletes, horses and spectators safe and by creating a marketing engine for regional and national corporations with products that appeal to people that love the outdoors, extreme sports, great competition, skiing, horses, cowboys, and beautiful mountain towns.


Donations, sponsorships and membership dues solely fund SKIJOR AMERICA.  The funds will be used to supply races, both ongoing and new venues, with a cadre of resources in support of their skijoring event, and to provide marketing support and centralized media for stronger and more leveraged exposure. SKIJOR AMERICA’s top 5 goals are:


  1. Attract and retain loyal national and regional sponsors.

  2. Build awareness, excitement and participation in equine skijoring by creating a series of competitive races to be held annually and leveraged through media.  

  3. Support event promoters that are members of SKIJOR AMERICA with marketing materials to promote their events.

  4. Ensure consistency and safety precaution for the athletes, horses and attendees, while encouraging event promoters to build a unique event that fits their town and personality.

  5. Support monetarily or lend in-kind support to organizations within the skijoring community that embrace horses, skiing and the outdoors.


In order for a skijor race to recognized as a SKIJOR AMERICA race, and receive resources and benefits provided by SKIJOR AMERICA, race promoters must apply for race membership, agree to a uphold a guideline of Race Membership Agreement, and pay any required dues.  


In order for a competitor to be eligible for SKIJOR AMERICA benefits and awards, they must register their horse and/as themselves as a competitor and pay any required registration fees.  



2016 Race Membership Agreement

The Race Membership Agreement is mandatory and recommended guidelines meant to provide organizers with a base to build on when developing their own unique rules and practice for their individual event.  This agreement has been developed by SKIJOR AMERICA Board of Directors and derived from the North American Ski Joring Association (NASJA) Membership Agreement in use since 1998.


All race venues that apply for the SKIJOR AMERICA Membership Agreement must agree to the following provisions:

  1. SKIJOR AMERICA Fees and Collection:

  1. Race Membership dues are the responsibility of each race venue. Fifty percent (50%) of the membership fee is due by the defined deposit due date and final 50% due within 5 days of the race completion. Full membership payment is due if paid after the define due date.

  2. SKIJOR AMERICA races are required to collect membership dues during registration from all non-member competitors participating in its race and is due within 5 days of the race completion.

  • SKIJOR AMERICA Competitor Membership dues are the responsibility of the athlete and horse owner and must be paid prior to competing.

  1. 2016 Membership Dues and Due Date

  1. Race Membership                $250

  2. Membership Deposit Due Date        December 18, 2015

  3. Non-member competitor fee            $10 per skier or rider per race

  4. Annual competitor membership        $40 per skier or rider            

  5. Lifetime horse membership            $15 per horses
                                            Initials: _____


  1. Rules and Regulations:

  1. Disclaimer is included in the registration forms to hold SKIJOR AMERICA harmless.

  2. Race Liability Insurance is required and the responsibility of the race organization.

  3. Agreement to follow the attached 2016 SKIJOR AMERICA Rules. If a race chooses to change or amend any of these rules, it must be done through the race Rules Committee and SKIJOR AMERICA must be notified 14 days prior to the race.

  4. Technical Delegate (TD) is a SKIJOR AMERICA official that ensures the race is run in compliance with SKIJOR AMERICA Rules.

    1. All member races will provide a minimum of one SKIJOR AMERICA approved TD.

    2. The TD(s) must have a current membership with SKIJOR AMERICA and complete the SKIJOR AMERICA Technical Delegate Training Module.

    3. The TD(s) will review the Race venue with the race organizer and committee to approve the race prior to competition.

    4. The TD(s) may compete at races in which they are the designaged TD, but may not receive any TD payment from Skijor America or seek travel expense reimbursement for  performing these duties.  

    5. Any TD that is competing in a race cannot be the designated TD for the class in which they are competing.


Initials: _____


  1. Marketing & Advertising:

  1. All Members in good standing are the beneficiary of all SKIJOR AMERICA centralized marketing materials and promotional media. SKIJOR AMERICA will provide the following to all membership events:

    1. One SKIJOR AMERICA Scoreboard with competitor and sponsor magnets provided.

    2. Custom 30-second video advertisement to use locally and on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

    3. A 30-second customized race advertisement aired on Altitude Sports a minimum of 4 times prior to your race with opportunity to include logos of your top three sponsors.

    4. Promotion of race via the SKIJOR AMERICA social media followers, as well as any additional social media support needed from race organizers.

    5. Marketing and advertising support through a SKIJOR AMERICA media kit, including a three-week marketing plan template to promote a race.

  2. Race venues must use the SKIJOR AMERICA logo in race promotions of its events.    

    1. The SKIJOR AMERICA logo on the scoreboard must be displayed at the race venues during competition.

    2. The SKIJOR AMERICA logo must be included in all printed promotional material.

Initials: _____


  1. Race Results:

  1. All final race results must be submitted to SKIJOR AMERICA for posting within 24 hours of the completion of the race. Results submitted to info@skijoramerica.com. (.pdf format is preferable.)

  2. The SKIJOR AMERICA website will be updated with official race results within 24 hours of receipt of the final race results.

  3. A SKIJOR AMERICA official will calculate the points of the top four places in the Pro/Open Division and the Sport Division, and post on website with a running total to determine the year end points for the SKIJOR AMERICA Awards.

  4. At completion of the season, SKIJOR AMERICA 2016 Awards will be presented to the persons with the most points in the Pro/Open Division and the Sport Division.

Initials: _____

  1. Disclosure:

  1. SKIJOR AMERICA requires disclosure of important details and rules be provided to SKIJOR AMERICA a minimum 14 days prior to the event.

  2. Initialed/signed SKIJOR AMERICA Membership Agreement received 21 days prior to the event.  Must be received by December 31, 2015 to receive full benefit of advertising and marketing support.

  3. Names of Rules Committee members

  4. General Layout of intended venue.  (a drawing is recommended)

  1. Length and type of course

  2. Jump heights, widths, and side view drawing

  3. Type and number of gates and jumps

  4. Run out length

  5. Types of obstacles (rings etc.)

Initials: _____

Event Contact and Information:

  1. Primary contact person: ______________________________________
        Email: ______________________________________________
        Phone: ______________________________________________

  2. Person Responsible for Event finances: __________________________
        Email: ______________________________________________
        Phone: ______________________________________________

  3. Web address: ______________________________________________
    Facebook: _________________________________________________

  4. Confirmation of date of the event: _______________________________
    Official name: ______________________________________________

  5. Estimated number of participants: skiers_____, horses_____, riders _____

2016 Race Membership Agreement


I (we) ______________________________ race chairman along with the race committee of the _______________________________ skijoring race on_________________, 2016 do hereby agree to follow the SKIJOR AMERICA Race Member Agreement as outlined in this document.


I (we) have also reviewed and understand the attached SKIJOR AMERICA Race Rules and that Skjor America may revoke Race Membership Agreement of the above race, at any time, if the race venue is not in compliance with the provisions stated. Your race info will be included within on SKIJOR AMERICA system within 5 days of receipt of deposit and your race info:


Signature of Race Director: ________________________________ Date _____________

Printed Name from above: __________________________________________________

Names of Race Committee: _________________________________________________




Email Signed Agreement or mail Signed Agreement and Deposit Check to:



1139 Main Avenue

Durango, CO 81301    


For SKIJOR AMERICA use only:

Date Agreement Received: ___________

Date Sponsorship Approved: ___________

Signature of SKIJOR AMERICA Representative:________________________________