SJA Guidelines and Rules for Drugs and Medications

SJA is driven in part by its support of the health, welfare, and safety of its equine athletes. The dedication to our horses is seen in course safety, veterinarians on site at all events, available water at events, and, starting in the 2018-2019 season, rules and guidelines for drugs and medication administered to horses.  


SJA follows the guidelines of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF). Skijoring is a unique equine sport and SJA has adopted guidelines and rules specialized for our horses. Unless stated below, USEF rules will be followed. SJA believes in the same philosophy USEF promotes making it only natural to follow their pre-existing and widespread guidelines. These guidelines and rules have been adopted for the wellbeing of skijoring horses, competitors, and the sport of skijoring.


“A commitment to the health, welfare and safety of the equine athlete is the common thread that binds all equestrian sport. The USEF Equine Drugs and Medication Program is driven by this commitment” (USEF GUIDELINES & RULES FOR DRUGS AND MEDICATIONS, 1).


SJA member should become familiar with the USEF Equine Drugs and Medication Program including, but not limited to, the following documents.

Drugs and Medications

  1. SJA will follow the guidelines presented by USEF only as they pertain to substances that are internal.


  1. Horses will be randomly tested throughout the season.

  2. Secretary defined as: The lead person taking entries, collecting money, creating race order-of-go, and any other necessary duties during Friday Night Sign Ups.

  3. The secretary at event will compile a list of all horses entered and assign each horse a number.

    • Even if a horse is entered more than once, they will only have one number.

  4. The secretary will randomly select a number and the horse with that number will be tested.

    • More than one number may be selected if SJA wishes to test multiple horses.

  5. Testing is not required at every race.

  6. The owner of the selected horse will be notified immediately after their final run.

    • Unless the secretary is notified, the rider will be the assumed owner of the horse they are riding.

  7. Penalties

    • If a horse tests positive for prohibited drugs or medication the following consequences will be applied.

      • first Offence - Barred from next two races, Forfeit winnings, points, and prizes from the race the horse tested positive at.

      • Second Offence - Barred from next three races, Forfeit winnings, points, and prizes from the race the horse tested positive at.

      • Third Offence - Barred from SJA for life, Forfeit winnings, points, and prizes from the race the horse tested positive at.

  8. Testing will be paid for by SJA. SJA membership fees will increase $5 per member for the 2018-2019 season. Membership fees will increase for that year only unless voted on by SJA.


  1. Horse owners will be contacted immediately after the horse’s final run by the vet on site doing the testing.

  2. Only SJA and the owner of the tested horse will be contacted by the vet with results.

  3. SJA will not share or discuss results with anybody except the owner of the tested horse and the vet conducting the blood draw.


  1. Members are expected to have good sportsmanship which includes complying with SJA rules, cooperating with veterinarians, and keeping the welfare of their horse in mind.