2017 Overall ChampionshiPS


SKI JORING AMERICA compiles points for all US ski joring races regardless of its membership affiliation.  Upon joining SKI JORING AMERICA, Competitor Members will begin accumulating points for the Skijoring America Point Series Award. Points will accumulate throughout the year to determine the Northern and Southern Champion in Open and Sport Divisions.


  • Competitors placing 1st through 5th will receive daily points as follows: 1st = 5 points; 2nd = 4 points; 3rd = 3 points; 4th = 2 points; 5th = 1 points.
  • The team with the best overall “Overall Combined Time” will receive an additional .5 points.
  • Skijoring America member races will be awarded 1.5 times list points for non-member races.
  • In the event of a tie, both teams will receive the same points for the place. For example, if there is a tie for 2nd all six competitors (Horse, Rider and Skier) will be awarded 4 points each if non-member race and 6 points each if member race.
  • Points will NOT begin accumulating until a competitor becomes a member in good standing.
  • SKI JORING AMERICA Point Series Awards will be given to the top Open and Sports Divisions in both the North and South Regions


The SKI JORING AMERICA Series Point winners will receive the following awards.

  • Human Competitors will receive embroidered Championship Jackets and Championship Belt Buckles.
  • Equine Competitors will receive embroidered Championship Blankets.
  • Should Prize Money be available, it will be equally split between the Top Overall Open Skier and Rider. 


Per Division

Day Wins per Event

Fastest Skier & Horse/Rider Times

1st - 5 points

2nd - 4 points

3rd - 3 points

4th - 2 points

5th - 1 point


(According to venue rules) - 1/2 point

No points for anything lower than 5th

Top Skier & Rider/Horse will win the annual Skijor America's Cup

Belt Buckels - Skier & Rider

Jackets - Skier & Rider

Blanket - Horse


*In this case of cash prizes they will split*

45% Skier, 45% Rider, 10% Horse Owner